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Shreyans is a product designer whose work spans multiple disciplines, from technology and computer interaction to health and wellness. He is equipped with meaningful experience in designing digital interfaces for companies as well as mass users through the App Store.

His undergraduate background in electrical engineering, environmental and space science, has given him an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. His natural creativeness and desire to apply engineering and science to problems, through user centered approach, has drawn him to industrial design.

Shreyans' creative process is being shaped by his time at the Rhode Island School of Design where he is pursuing a Masters in Industrial Design.

7 Apps in 5 Months
Shreyans has designed and built phone and tablet apps that passed Apple's review at first go. They've garnered 17,000 downloads as of 2019.

Designing digital and physical tools to make users aware of their digital interactions, aiming to reduce overuse by playful but constructive means. Using behavioral design elements, prototypes and strong user research.

Prototype tracks your scrolls in social media and turns green to red after repeated use

T oday's rich digital media culture, made possible through our devices and associated services, has certainly led to a more connected, resourceful and open global society. As digital devices evolved from dial-up connected desktops to forever connected devices in our pockets, a quiet, yet substantial, shift has occurred in interaction design. While it is perceivable that many of us spend morbid amounts of time on social media feeds, cat videos and crushing candy, most of us seem oblivious of the impact of digital media culture on our emotional and physical health, and the quality of our lives. Through this thesis research I am designing ways to bring addictive digital interactions into awareness of the user, and develop tools for behavioral change. The above displayed band prototype lights up each time the user scrolls down a social feed, and can track usage over a period of time. Combining insights from user interviews, about where and when they use certain apps, and behavioral psychology, I am refining my work, building new prototypes and testing them on my user group.

Projects that wrestle with problems like following medication routines, side effects of medication, and attaining inner peace and happiness.

Medication management designs that revolve around the user's daily routines to make the process of taking medicines hassle-free and delightful, as opposed to monotonous and menial.

Practical guide for identifying positivity and negativity of your thoughts, words, and actions. Tailored responses reveal the meaning of your choices in the context of spirituality.

Speculative product design that diffuses natural aromas, used in folk medicines, to treat chronic ailments like hypertension and respiratory diseases.

Projects inspired by children's curiosity to learn about the world we live in and tools to design our built environment.

Collection of insights about the various systems that govern our environment, and irreversible changes due to human activities.

A drawing environment that helps children in deciding what to draw, how to draw and which colors to use. Pro tools like layers were designed with kids in mind.

This app takes you on a fascinating virtual tour of our solar system. It is packed with collegiate level insights, quizzes and more.

Projects that carefully consider user interactions with physical objects to tackle the nuances related to user behavior, ergonomics and adoption.

Making cleaning hands a fun activity versus a menial task, particularly for kids in parts of rural India where water is scarce.

Apart from viewing, listening and touching our digital devices, this project speculated the application of smell in digital interfaces.

A sanitation device to test and observe user behavior, product interaction and ergonomics.

Independently driven commercial projects which began by articulating a corporate identity in order to setup a design system or a language that could be applied across the board.

A company website created through a consistent design system and visual language. Built product customization experience simulating packaging design attributes like embossing & hot stamping. Composed press content to be posted on the website.

Designed product customization and checkout experience through industry & ethnographic research, resulting in a simple interface with fewer text fields and a single hierarchical layout. Worked out an algorithm for dynamic pricing.

An exercise in rebranding the identity of a well known company in India through a design system, resulting in new packaging designs that differentiates the product family, but harmonizes products within each category. Consideration was placed on historic design elements that made the brand iconic in the first place.

Graphic design explorations in layout, grids, typography, images and color.

Making things and experimenting with new mediums and techniques as an outlet to pour creative energy and learn new things.

2019 Shreyans Bhandari

Shreyans has designed and built 7 apps in 5 months. All passed Apple's review at first go, and have garnered 17,000 downloads in total as of 2019